The Intimidation of Organization and Possibilities

Often when I have so many thoughts and interests stirring in my mind and feel the pull and desire to write that I am held back by my own loss of organization and compulsion for perfectionism.  I also don’t know exactly what I want to get out or who to share it with.  I don’t have a target audience and in fact it stresses me out to think who would, could possibly be my audience.  It’s as if writing and leaving thoughts in print is equal to being naked walking down the street, but perhaps around many naked people being that there are a gazillion people writing every second of the day putting their thoughts and content out into the world in some form or another.

As far as what to get out, that is a matter of decompartmentalizing myself and honestly not worrying at this point what theme or kind of blog or page this content is sitting on or that it has to fit into any kind of theme or category.  What is frustrating is the domestication, the separation and compartmentalizing we are taught and find ourselves surrounded in.  Everything is structured and has sections for a purpose and efficiencies I’m sure, but it goes levels deeper when we stop and think about how much it actually functions in our psyche and hinders or dictates how we operate in our daily lives which  I believe stunts our overall human potential and growth.

An example of our societal compartmentalizing would be how we treat our human health.  We go to different specialists for different parts of our humanness.  We have medical doctors and physicians for our physical body, which breaks down into every body part and system having a specialist, and then there are specialists for mental health, and of course, spiritual leaders and religions left for spiritual wellbeing.  Specialists are not the problem, but singling out and treating one part of a person doesn’t seem to work when not considering the whole person, that’s the problem.

Like it or not everything is connected in some way, shape or form and it doesn’t seem logical to separate and segregate aspects of ourselves no more than it makes sense to do so when looking to be well in health.  Our mind, body, and soul are as separate as they are one like a tree is made of roots, trunk, branches, and leaves.  My person is interested in learning, developing ideas, throwing out possibilities of what is not but could be for the greater good of humanity.  My person is a truth seeker, that collects data and uses the information to become a better person and help other people become their better selves.  My person challenges the status quo of isms and struggles to be aware of implicit biases we are born into.  My person is adaptable to situations and other persons.  Specific interests are social justice, nutrition, and writing.

While my top interests drive what I read, think and talk about it is not, of course, all that I read, think or talk about.  For that very reason, that I am not the culmination of only three subjects, I stress about what to write when it comes down to releasing the form and topic of writing that feels most like coming out.

What I have learned is to just write.  I am wired to explain, perhaps even over-explain myself at times, so the important task is to write and not stress that what I am writing about has to fit into a theme or have a specific purpose to be valid in this world.


What about having a Maximum Income?

I recently saw a video of Jesse Ventura, formerly the 38th Governor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003, ask the question in response to the issue of raising a minimum wage, what about a maximum wage or income?  Why is it that people in politics refuse to update policies for higher minimum wages so that everyone can do well?  Ventura pointed out that members of the Walton family that owns Walmart are billionaires yet some of their employees still need to be subsidised by the government because they don’t make enough money to cover their living expenses.  Why are billionaires having their employees subsidized by the government?  He also said he believes that no matter what a person does, if they’re putting in 40 hour work week, they should be compensated to meet the standard of living.  I agree, but I wouldn’t stop there because that would be a lot better for the able body and minded population, but what about those who are not physically and mentally able to contribute to a 40 hour work week?  Jobs can be created, there is always something to do.  I do not have a doubt that there can be meaningful jobs created for everyone and that technology can be used to handle work so that people can reduce the “necessary” work that is undesirable, possibly anything from any episodes of “Dirty Jobs” and leave the possibility for people to participate in more meaningful work that benefits the community, and the the betterment of humanity.  The idea of people living out of poverty and contributing to society in the best way they can is bettering humanity, each perosn at a time.

I believe it is possible but not without the kind of change that would affects the top 1% causing a reduction of their grotesque wealth. It doesn’t require the country to adopt socialism or communism as it’s been known, nor does it ask for capitalism to be eliminated.  It’s time for new ideas and new concepts and for people to realize we have come so far in technologies and it’s time to catch up to our potential and stop fighting against a better life for everyone.



What is with the Categorizing?

When we ask people their name, where they are from, where they grew up, what neighborhood they live in, what they drive, where they get their clothes, so on and so forth, we are in some way, shape or form categorizing people.  What is our purpose of categorizing?  It seems to be something we do without thinking about it.  It seems natural to identify a person and categorize them.  It is also done with purposeful intention when you first meet someone to get to know that person such as a new co-worker, classmate, or someone at a social or community function.  But while getting to know someone how aware are we that we are categorizing them?

One purpose of identifying a person is often to make a connection by learning of shared interests, and experiences.  This is why it is often asked, “Where are you from?” “Where did you go to school?” “Where do you do for a living?” but there is something else that is happening when we have these conversations, and that is categorizing someone without even really thinking about it.  We check mental boxes about class or socio-economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, intellegency, age, etc.

Unfortunately this is harmful when we are not aware of what we are doing when we categorize someone.  We harm others and ourselves.  This is often due to assumptions and biasis associated with categorizations, both negative and positive.  Regardless if a categorization has a mental negative or positive connotation, it still puts that person in a space of your mind that they perhaps are not going to be let out of.  This poses a problem with experiencing people as they are, ever growing, changing, living beings. The more serious consequences of categorizing is when life decisions are made about people due to their affiliations with a category either positive or negative, where expectations that have nothing directly to do with an individual but greatly impact housing opportunities either buying or renting, getting a job/career, being elected to a board or committee, contributing to their community through elected office, or even being accepted into an educational institution.  The list could go on, and on.

Categorizations are one dimentional and singular like little boxes on forms that do not often have room for well-rounded representation. Categories ignore a person’s unique individuality regardless of how similiar they may appear or resemble others in a like categorization.

In a sense it is just another form of stereotyping.  We are harmed when we stereotype because we are accepting blanket statements and assumptions about a person because we affiliate them with a group and take on the messages and images even if not as an absolute, but as a possibility.  We miss out on others’ humaness, talents, perspectives, ideas, creativity and inspirations.  We lose so much when we disregard someone or expect a certain predictibility based on where a person lives, lived, was raised, what income bracket they fall in, the color of their skin, their native lanugage, their sexual prefence and identity, their mental and physical abilities, their social interactions, and so much more.

When we categorize a person based on their dialect or background and don’t think critically we do ourselves harm, and potentially harm that person, as well as those around us.  How many people have been denied an education or job opportunity that was the next innovative problem solver or inspiration to the next generation or how many people have been denied homes in neighborhoods that are contributing citizens with a sense of community and well being for the neighborhood?  How many children are steered from professions because of what their parents do, or where they come from?  Where you come from should not determine where you go.

So, that is one way to shed the box.  Be aware of what goes through your mind when you meet someone, even if it’s for the briefest moment.  Get to know someone as you would like to be known and give opportunities as you would like to be given.  As individuals we are not growing when we accept media interpretations of groups and people based on stereotypes and one-sided perspectives, we are more complex than that.  And we are more intelligent than tag lines and bumper sticker slogans.

The Telling of a Post Revolutionary Beginning

“When did money become so important anyways?  When it was determined it could buy power and self-importance over the well being of those among us, I am assuming.

In my world we care for each other.  In my world we care for the earth and she takes care of us.  In my world we are all related and no one goes hungry.  In my world we seek knowledge for the good of us all and generally we are productive and peaceful.  In my world we are a loving nation.

It is thought of as Revolutionary, this world of mine.  My world has never been before and it is not easily written in laws and consequences.  My world has many contributors and communities but they are merging and flowering communities that dissolve intersections and boundaries.  In this world we are more connected on an intellectual level.  In my world people communicate in a revolutionary, evolutionary manner.  Lying is nearly impossible, just physically an inability.  In my world the physical environment is not desecrated but returned to some better balance.  Our brothers and sisters on this planet in my world do not murder.  Animals are not mass produced to massacre and consume.  Consumption is a reverent and cautious practice.  In my world there are no hierarchies, no patriarchies, no monarchies and we have done away with isms.

Life has value.  All life has value.  Everything is alive.  Everything is.  In my world we understand we are a part of a bigger understanding.

In my world we have multiple aesthetics, cultures, and ways to express our existence.

How did we come to live, how did we come to this world where death does not prevail?  How did we come to value a woman in her 80s as much as a man in his 20s?  how did we come to value children with dark skin as much as those with light?  How were thousands of years of a male dominant world balanced, and a distinct dichotomy of the binary of genders erased to allow a rainbow of possibilities?

It was not without tragedy, it was not without loss and sacrifice.  It was accomplished with no one, and every one all at the same time.”–Chrsye

This is something I wrote…I don’t know exactly how it happened, but I am the kind of minded person that knows that it can.  It takes everyone to examine themselves, find their worth, their value, then look to their siblings, parents, children, neighbors, strangers, foreigners, foes, friends and see their value.  And don’t allow harm to come to them.  Live with integrity, in your words.  Don’t take personally what has been done to you or you do to yourself, reflect and go back to integrity.  Don’t assume.  We are raised on assumptions.  We think we know what someone else is about, what they are doing, what they are thinking, why they are acting the way they are acting, just because we have some kind of “in” through something we saw, or heard or somone said.  It is all assumptions unless you hear it from that person.

Stereo-types are assumptions, prejudices are often based on assumptions, hate often is created and lives on assumptions.  People and yourself will assume things about you, yes even yourself.  Examine that.  Why do you assume and accept negative concepts of  yourself?  Don’t assume you are not good enough, you’re not this and you’re not that and concentrate on what you are, don’t assume you’re not this and that, know if you are kind, know if you are loyal, faithful, giving, sharing, inspiring, athletic, know that no matter what, you are you and that’s just enough.  You don’t have to be tall, think, able bodied, mentally sound, it does not matter what you are are not, accept yourself for who you are (I would say unless that something you are is harmful to others…).

And do your best.  If you are doing your best to not berate yourself or others you will feel better and so will those around you.  If you don’t assume and take things personally, you will feel better and so will those around you.  If you do this to the best of your ability, whatever that may be at any given moment, then again, this will make you feel better and those around you, but I’m guessing when you do your best, it makes you feel better above all.  When we are practicing these concepts we are not harming each other.  It is possible to get to a revolutionary world that I described.  The tragedies have been and continue to happen, and they will until everyone is a part of stopping it.  It seems easier said than done.  It’s not.  Opportunities are around us daily on how to turn our communities around for the better.  We have to want it and act on it instead of wish for it.  So many have been fighting for it for so long, but how easy would it be everyone fought, not just a few in the scope of us all?

Perfection Is Not Real

Just this very moment I decided to write what I am feeling and not have any specific intent for this post until my fingers hit the keys. I have decided that the several posts that I started and saved as drafts, then went to edit and still remain as drafts, perhaps first need an introduction, a disclaimer of sorts, to ease them out into the public.

This would then be a pep talk to myself and a reminder that perfection, as much as I think and want to obtain it in anything I produce before I let it go, is somewhat of a fantasy, and illusion of sorts.  There is, of course, a standard for this and a study of that and the world of academia but I am not writing a Shakespearean Sonnet or preparing a dissertation, I’m writing on a blog of my creation on my own ideas for no one in particular.

I give myself permission to create and not intend perfection.  I give myself permission to not take criticism personally but instead use it to grow professionally.  I give myself the confidence to write about what I am wanting to write knowing I am not at ill will with others who inspire controversial conversations and topics I choose to write about and I invite anyone who reads my work to realize this is not a space to judge and shame but more of a space to expand views and perspectives beyond what society poses as the norms.  This is a space to challenge those societal norms and not just step outside the box for a moment, but to shed the box once and for all by expanding our thinking beyond these prescribed norms.

There is a universe, I won’t even say world, because when you actually consider how many world views exist around us and abound it is more suiting to address the limitless thinking with the ever expanding universe.  Our own minds have cross roads and boundaries that cross over and and wrap around our minds with our identities which is our intersectionality.  If we consider how diverse each person is and not put everyone in groups and boxes, and in turn examine our own minds and identities, and get to know ourselves outside of the box, shed the box to really visit what we think, why we think it and how we got to thinking that way, then we can really get to know ourselves and take yet another fresh look at the world with a more universal view.

Many people don’t care to do this.  They are not content with their lives but are perhaps not ready or care to leave their comfort zone.  Many, upon many people will shed the box on one issue or position in society and remain closed and unrelenting in holding onto ideas they were raised with but tend not to want to let go and think critically or seek the truth.  Not that everything we grew up learning and believing is untrue or bears some binary thinking of good and bad, wrong or right, but may just be the frame of mind, what is considered the norm without really thinking about why it is considered normal to do and be and say certain things and why it is controversial for others that do not fit into those ideas.  This is where people tend to walk around with a narrow view of the world they live in, this universe that functions in connection with everything else on the planet, yet some people’s sights are not yielding to explore what is going on besides what they allow themselves to see.

I believe we are connected and even if it does not seem like what we do and think has an effect on the people around us or 3,000 miles away from us, we do impact each other in positive and negative ways, from mere ideas to policies that affect how we are able to live our lives.  I believe because of this connectedness it is exactly why in this forum I feel it is important to shed the box, expand our mind, learn what society has denied us and question why.  Live a life dictated by truth or seeking truth if you are tired of living a lie.  Challenge the stories you have been told all your life growing up and take the initiative to search for answer to questions you perhaps never thought to ask.

I will admit I struggle knowing that not everyone is at the same level and same point that will come to read posts, and the fact that not everyone will be able to relate, but perhaps it is good enough that there is exposure for those who care to experience it and perhaps a little something still for everyone else at various levels of knowledge and awareness.  I hope that I can inspire all at some level or another to shed the box be it whatever it may be for that individual, to overcome a stereo-type, realize how negative self-talk and self beliefs is harmful,  or even how minimalism is physically and mentally freeing.

This is not a preachy place, for I am on the journey as well to search for truth, and challenge the systemic thoughts that have been apart of my upbringing.  I don’t have all the answers, I just intend to inspire questions and know that this was not intended to be a polished pulpit of perfected thought, but a journey to something better, for everyone.  So, welcome along!!

Hello world!

I have had many conversations with various people in the form of unwritten articles and essays in my head and it is time I put them down for the sake of my sanity, and the sake of having a conversation with people in actuality.  The ideas and worldviews I hold are not often understood as common or socially traditional by many who do not hold a multiple worldview; yet I aim to share these ideas and insights of contemporary cultural, and society that conveniently for the, what I like to call the 1%, like to put people in boxes, categories, strict linear boundaries and keep society inline.  I say, shed the box.  Free your minds, question, ask many questions.  Consider the various stories of events, consider who is telling the story and step outside the box to do it.  I encourage readers to escape the box, the constricting limitations of oppressive thought.  Not just escape, but with purpose and intent, shed the box.  Become a more fully aware person of the world we have the temporary pleasure of existing in.